Stuff :: Editor's Letter
March 2017/Issue 73

We’re a very cheerful and upbeat bunch here at Stuff, but as such, we’ve stopped reading anything except tech news. Because the other sorts of news suggest the end of the world is nigh. And we haven’t even had a chance to welcome our robot overlords yet. Moreover, we’re not wearing sensible shoes. And we have absolutely no idea where our towels are.

Assuming the naysayers are wrong and we still have civil society as we know it (and electricity) in the weeks to come, you’re going to need a laptop to document and share your surprise and relief, and ours. And why settle for any old hunk of keyboard and LCD? After all, you’ve just survived the apocalypse! Our laptop supertest (p61) pits the best against the best to find the, well, best of the test. You’re welcome. Really, any time.

Also, whichever way things turn out, it couldn’t hurt to be fit. Which is why we’ve collected the best kit to help you whip yourself into shape in a hurry (p39). If we’re headed for oblivion we may as well look good, right? And if not, well, we all remember Zombieland — the fit ones always last longer. I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Just in case things go pear-shaped, we’ve learned to ride the Ninebot MiniPro you see on this very page. Enter our competition to win one (p15) and you too could be a two-wheeled survivalist. We’ll see who’s pointing and laughing then, won’t we? Here’s hoping the supply of alternating current and smart, researcher types are around long enough for personal hovering street lamps (p112) to join the futuristic mobility party. Fingers crossed, eh?


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