Stuff :: Editor's Letter
April 2017/Issue 74

It may surprise you to learn that Iím not a dyed-in-the-wool gamer. Iíve finished Altoís Adventure twice, borrowed an iPad to savour the visual deliciousness of Monument Valley, and spent more time playing Pokémon Go than Iím willing to admit to (fine, it was about three weeks). Getting to grips with titles like The Witcher III, Deus Ex or whichever version of CoD theyíre on now, meanwhile, is the domain of Stuffís indomitable digital editor, Brett Venter.

See, I like games that I can drop in an out of at a whim. Preferably platformers. And preferably played on something portable. Which is probably why Iím such a big fan of Nintendoís combinations of bright colour palettes and adorable critters.

The first gaming device I owned was the original Game Boy, purchased second-hand from a primary school friend who was leaving the country. And, though I spent plenty of time PC gaming as a youngster, the only console Iíve ever owned was the Wii, to which I lost countless hours playing Mario Kart (though I did inhabit houses with Xbox and PS owners at various points).

As enamoured as I am with the PS VR, itís not quite enough to make me buy one. Perhaps the second gen will change my mind. But the Nintendo Switch (p40) with its (optional) neon Joy-Cons and the promise of Mario Kart Deluxe 8 at month end? Thatís a pretty irresistible prospect, even for the most casual of gamers like me.

Will the Switch repeat the Wiiís success? That depends on people being willing to pay console-level prices for it. And how quickly Ninty gets compelling titles out for it. The Japanese king of casual gaming has got our attention again, though. And thatís a strong start.


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