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October 2017/Issue 79

In techland, a year is an awfully long time. Especially if youíre Samsung. Around this time last year, the South Korean electronics giant had a disaster on its hands with the Note 7. Today, though, the Note 8 (p8) is the smartphone weíd most like to get in our hands, and pockets.

Of course, by the time you read this Apple will have unveiled its new iPhones and things could look very different indeed. At time of writing, though, the dual camera-laden Note 8 is the belle of the mobile ball. Check in with us next month to see if thatís still the case.

In the interim, there are plenty of other tech battles to settle. Microsoft has stepped up its game with the highly desirable all-in-one Surface Studio (p70), and its Xbox One S faces stiff competition from Sonyís PlayStation Pro.

The contemporary battles are fun to follow, even if they make our purchasing decisions that much more vexing, but sometimes it pays to reflect on how far things have progressed in recent decades. Which is why weíve gone out on a limb and put together a list of the best games ever (p34).

Sure, thereís bound to be something missing from the list that you think deserves a spot (we had plenty of squabbles over the omissions ourselves), but itís an excellent reminder of how far gaming has come. And hints at how much further itís still got to go.

Virtual and augmented reality gaming might be on the horizon, but even nearer is the rise of the machines, err, the robot revolution (p58) thatíll hopefully increase our leisure time by freeing us from the drudgery of things like vacuuming. For now, home robots are a benevolent bunch, but best we treat them well to keep it that way, eh?


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