Stuff :: Editor's Letter
December 2017/Issue 81

This, dear reader, has been a particularly taxing edition of Stuff to wrestle into shape. First, you’ll notice it’s chunkier than usual. That’s thanks to the Wish List you’ll find at the back (p117). It’s a collection of the year’s most desirable gear, from nostalgia-inducing budget gadgets to picture-perfect TVs, wearable wonders and lots besides.

Second, it’s the Awards issue (p36), sponsored by social live streaming service Voov, which has meant plenty of umming, ahhing, assessing and arguing in the office. See, ranking things is difficult. It’s difficult when they’re exceedingly similar – like the cream of the current crop of smartphones – and even more challenging when they’re nothing alike – like a games console, a drone and an all-in-one computer. But rank things we did. And some of the outcomes surprised even us. Others were so obvious and agreement about them so unanimous we almost needn’t have bothered. Either way, team Stuff deserves effusive thanks for its collective efforts. You lot don’t need ranking: you’re the best!

In between fighting over the inherently subjective, we also managed to review some of the latest gear, gadgets and go-karts for grownups, including the Fitbit Ionic (p63), Apple’s new iPhones (p68), the Sphero R2-D2 (p76), Range Rover’s new ultra-glamorous Velar (p82), Nissan’s pragmatic X-Trail (p83), and Mazda’s deliciously impractical MX-5 RF (p81).

And we arranged two fantastic giveaways for good measure. Head over to p62 to enter our Huawei Mate 10 Pro competition and stand a chance of winning a phone like the one here pictured (serving X-ray duty on my face), or flick to p71 for a shot at scoring an iPhone 8. Until our next issue, remember, if there are things you can’t pronounce on the label you probably shouldn’t eat it, end-of-year bonuses are best used to service debt, and the importance of regular flossing is grossly overstated.


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