Stuff :: Editor's Letter
January-February 2018/Issue 82

Last issue we brought you our Gadget Awards for 2017, and we’re delighted to present our annual App Awards (p45) in this one.

Previously we’ve run the two together, but in light of the rate at which the selection and quality of local apps has inc
reased, running them separately seems both more appropriate and more practical. In 2015, we looked at four apps. That grew to a dozen in 2016. This time around we’ve considered a whopping 31 apps in seven categories.

We’ve been spoiled for devices with which to test them, as our Smartphone Supertest (p32) attests. Whether you’re wedded to Apple, flirting with Android or one of those people who’s in bed with both (look at you!), choosing a flagship phone today is tough. But it’s a lovely problem to have.

Depending when you’re reading this, you’re either staring down the barrel of the festive season gun and bracing your face – not to mention the rest of your body – for the onslaught of surplus calories, inevitable activity deficit, and more time with family than anyone should reasonably be expected to endure, or starting to recover from it.

Wherever you’re reading this, remember to leave space for pudding (but try to resist the second helping), keep your New Year’s resolutions realistic, and don’t invest more money in cryptocurrencies than you can afford to lose.


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