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April 2018/Issue 84

Like Apple, Samsung’s using its face-mapping smarts not just for security, but to give us new – pretty silly, truth be told – ways to communicate. It may seem a frivolous use of cutting-edge technology, but it’s merely the first step towards smarter phones that can offer ever more personalised and specific solutions, whether that’s serving up essential info when you need it most… or letting you send your mom a video of you singing happy birthday as a 3D animated version of her favourite Disney character.

While smartphones are the vanguard of consumer technology, vinyl is inescapably vintage. Nonetheless, it’s enjoying a remarkable comeback. If as per a recent cartoon in The New Yorker you too are attracted by the “expense and inconvenience” of fragile wheels of pockmarked plastic, we’ve got the best kit with which to enjoy their aural delights (p28). But, be warned, it doesn’t come cheap.

Whether your home is filled with expensive audio gear or you simply want to keep an eye on your cat, smarthome tech (p49) can help. Pair it with some of our 100 best apps (p55) and you can be your own guardian angel – or add some of the latest gaming gear (p78) to your lounge and you’ll have plenty of reasons not to leave the house (or the cat) at all.

We’ll also help you get more out of Facebook (p76), instantly upgrade your Apple AirPods (p86), and get better results from that other old-school product category enjoying a renaissance, instant cameras (p84). Don’t mention it, it really is an absolute pleasure.


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