Stuff :: Editor's Letter
July-August 2018/Issue 87

Probably the best part of working at Stuff is the variety of things we get to see, touch, hold, wear, watch, set up, reset, set up again, rave about, curse at, drive, smell, fly and – in rare cases – lose. The office arcade machine is pretty great, too, come to think of it. Oh, and Team Stuff deserves a mention: They’re a wholly delightful, occasionally obstreperous, reliably opinionated, bunch.

But back to the stuff, and the things we get to do with it. Between the June issue and this one I tested Nokia and Honor’s new budget phones (p68), folded myself a cardboard Nintendo piano (p64), ran in a pair of Under Armour’s latest neon-coloured pavement pounders (p30), drove BMW’s astounding i8 Roadster (p8), braced my wallet for the best games announced at E3 (p34), and lost a Ryze Tello drone (p74) in the Indian Ocean. Oops.

My aforementioned colleagues, meanwhile, watched too many game trailers (and Honest ones, if they’re being honest) along with a whole whack of 4K fare (p48), perspired over a range of music-packing sports watches (p43), found ways to eke more out of the new Apple iPad (p72), tested a slew of apps (p24) and, in one instance, wrestled with a Korean handset intent on sticking to its native language (p6).

Collectively, we also risked the wrath of our office neighbours as we tested Marshall and Fender’s latest, amplifier-imitating, Bluetooth speakers (p76). We also spent more time than adults ought do arguing about which of this issue’s subscription special Funko Pops (p42) is the best (it’s obviously Stitch, with Kylo Ren a distant second).

While it can involve late nights, early starts, paper cuts, and irate neighbours, it’s seldom a tough job… but someone still has to do it. Thanks for reading these pages and – in doing so – letting us be those someones.


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