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Autumn 2015
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Dr Cleeve Robertson (CEO)
The weather is broken! I suppose it’s inevitable that with global warming will come challenges to sea rescue in South Africa. On the evidence of 26 December, when we were faced with mountainous seas on one of our busiest beach days, we have work to d... Read more
Sea Rescue Magazine
‘Stories of human endeavour and bravery’


Into the danger zone
Bakoven crew rescue a young kite flyer who is swept out to sea and becomes entangled in the lines of his kite...

Water buoys
In a new community initiative, the WaterWise Academy’s Andrew Ingram explains how a simple milk bottle can be used to save a life...

Roadtripping in Madagascar
Exploring this island nation reveals a host of curious creatures, fascinating people and exquisite fauna...

Just in time
When a surfskier becomes lost at sea during a PE2EL qualifier, PE crew have to race against time...

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Way to go
During open-ocean races, everything rests on the navigator. We spoke to crewman and experienced navigator James Beaumont about this vital role.

Eye in the sky
Drones are proving to be an invaluable technology, and we discover their growing role in search-and-rescue operations.

The power of nature
A fun excursion turns into a life-threatening situation for a Bakoven family.

Outrunning the storm
Richards Bay crew assist Mike Bickell in what the solo sailor describes as a James Bond-type rescue.

Tragedy at Woody Cape
The search for five tourists who were swept out to sea.

No place like home
Revamps, renovations and face-lifts to Sea Rescue bases around the country.

It’s a kind of magic
Corals go about their work largely unseen. The results, however, are spectacular.

Our adventure story The Brave Turtle and how to make an ecobrick.

A round-up of fundraising, crew and station news.

A listing of Sea Rescue stations around the country.


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