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Issue 45 Aug/Sep 2015

The electricity situation is hitting the franchise industry extremely hard. While Eskom’s ‘rush hour’ load shedding approach is supposedly an attempt to minimize its impact on commerce, it cuts right into the heart of the fast food and convenience re... Read more


Bosch Service - a global leader in the vehicle service market
With a pedigree that dates back to 1886 Bosch Service, backed by Bosch, is an acknowledged global leader in the vehicle service market...

Contracting with suppliers
Supplier performance can directly impact standards and the general performance of your business...

Franchisee Advisory Council Chaos
Greg Nathan, a franchise relationship guru from the Franchise Relationship Institute in Australia, shares some valuable insights on how to shift the pain to gain and utilise this forum...

On-line terms and conditions
Why it is important to remember that the on line, mobile and digital sphere is an intellectual property space and that suitable consideration and provisions should be included...

Managing multiple businesses
Juggling the priorities of running multiple businesses/franchises is a balancing act with its own unique challenges...

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Accounting software for start-ups
Every business idea must be coupled with expertise in understanding cash flows or analysing profitability if it is to become a fully functioning & profitable enterprise.

Penny wise, pound foolish
Managing food cost is one of the most important aspects of running a profitable restaurant.

Business Entrepreneurship & Franchise Expo
Award-winning expo opens doors to business ownership.

The New Entrepreneur
The world today is filled with opportunities and people are redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur. Win a copy if you subscribe!

Subsidised access to then Eastern Cape Franchise Expo
Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) is organising the BCMM Franchise Expo 2015.

Grow your business with strategic alliances
A strategic alliance occurs when two or more organizations join forces to pursue mutual benefits.

Your guide to handling sales objections
The ability to successfully overcome objections is the hallmark of a good salesperson.

Think design or risk irrelevance
What exactly is Design Thinking and how can it benefit your business and your life?

The cost of waiting for perfect
Business is a moving target and change is part of the equation. There is very little we can do to stop it, and in trying we often handicap ourselves.

Food for thought from FASA’s Franchise Convention
The Franchise Convention gives franchisors, franchisees and other interested parties an opportunity to learn about developments in the world of franchising.


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