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Issue 46 Oct/Nov 2015

Consumer spend remains under pressure as we head into the Christmas season and most small business owners are having to dig deep to stay in the game. Despite the relatively subdued retail activity, aspiring business owners are not slowing down; the B... Read more


OBC Chicken - a taste for franchising
OBC Fried Chicken is the OBC Groupís answer to giving their customers more of what they love...

5 Steps to overcome problems
Research shows that most small business owners can list around 55 issues they feel are holding them back from achieving success, growth and happiness...

Jingles and blurred lines
Great ideas may come to you when you least expect it, but take care to protect your Intellectual Property...

Identity theft
It is time to face the reality that identity theft is a thriving business...

Negotiating an agreement prepared by the other party
A well-negotiated contract is the way to secure a mutually beneficial outcome and avoid disputes with minimal trade-off...

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Slow and steady does it
Slow, steady growth is the key to franchise success in South Africa.

The work of leaders
The legal concepts of care, skill and diligence are a challenge to the modern mindset.

Stock control
Since restaurant margins are usually pretty slim, cost control is always a major concern.

The life cycle of a franchisee
Every new franchisee goes through an intense period of learning and adjustment before they master the franchise system they have purchased.

Coaching and mentoring
Coaching and mentoring are increasingly used to encourage the transfer of knowledge from the franchisor to the franchisee.

Systemise your business
Systemising your business is about being able to work smarter and not harder.

24 Ways to nail the sale
Closing is arguably the most difficult aspect of the selling process and is something good salespeople excel at.

Electricity and your business
Over the last five years the cost of electricity has increased by 230 percent ó more than double the rate of rent or wage increases over the same period.

Radio that sells.

Go online or go bust
E-commerce in South Africa is still in its infancy and for avid entrepreneurs the opportunities to grow their businesses are there for the taking.


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