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March/April 2016
FREQUENCY: Alt Monthly

Tanja Schmitz
Get back on track... Itís still early in the year, but some of us have already let our New Yearís health and fitness resolutions slide. Do you feel deflated when you fail to stick to your fitness plan? More often than not we let small setbacks... Read more
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Take to the streets
Street workout culture and the rise of bodyweight training...

Whatís your number?
How to define your true weight...

Finish strong
Workout finishers performed by Jenadine Havenga...

Smoothie bowls
Get with the healthy eating trends and try out a breakfast smoothie bowl...

How ill-health and dwindling self-esteem spurred this attorney into action...

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Gym gear
Alarm off. Workout clothes on. Shoes laced up. Letís go!

Understanding the gym space
Ever wondered why commercial gyms are laid out the way they are?

Eat more, train more
How high energy flux can mitigate rebound weight gain and aid fat loss.

Post event depression
Donít become a victim of the post-event blues.

Fit pregnancy
Birth spacing for a healthier body.

Emotions and fat loss
Are your emotions derailing your fat-loss efforts?

The latest beauty must haves!

PRO'S We answer your fitness and nutrition questions.

Find out more about health, nutrition and wellness.

The latest goings on in the world of food.

We check out the latest trends.

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