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Issue 48 March/April 2016

Itís time for the annual International Franchise Expo from 8 to 10 April 2016 hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre as always, but this year the expo will take place from Friday to Sunday. Gauging by exhibitorsí interest the size of the exhibit... Read more


Governance in SMEs: Moving Beyond the Red Tape
For the South African government to achieve its goal of creating five million jobs over ten years, the SME sector would have to grow by a staggering 40 percent...

Farming and Franchising
Realising sustainable transformation in the agricultural sector was always going to be a challenge and the sector has witnessed its fair share of failed transformation efforts...

SMMEs and cash flow
Managing cash flow can mean the difference between success and failure. We take a look at the primary cash flow issues facing SMMEs...

Sparkling Auto Care Centres in the spotlight
Fast turnaround times and top-class service have clients coming back for more sparkling service time and time again...

Clever franchisors fund cleverly
Development funding in the franchise space is a hot topic, but for this endeavour to be successful there are certain factors that require careful consideration...

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Pros and cons of working from home
An office can be a very distracting environment and hours spent commuting to and from the business means wasted work time.

Draft tax guide for the franchise industry
Tax incentives could aid and even facilitate continued growth in the South African franchise industry.

Goodbye Ziggy Stardust
A legend in his own time, David Bowie was the master of reinvention and an IP trailblazer.

Business plan, not business pain
Business owners are bogged down with daily operations, caught in the trap of working in their business with little or no time allocated to working on their business.

IFE 2016 - Bigger and better
IFE 2016 promises even more excitement.

Management skills for franchises
Owning a franchised store with a great consumer brand, store location and franchisor support canít stop a business from running into difficulties.

10 Rules for entrepreneurs to live by
The life of an entrepreneur is different from that of a 9-to-5 employee.

managing risk in franchising
Risk management is the process of identifying what could go wrong, evaluating which threats should be dealt with and implementing appropriate strategies.

Buying behaviour and signals
Understanding buyer behaviour is puzzling at the best of times and picking up buying signals can be equally challenging.

Social media risks and your business
In a world unaccustomed to undoing innovation, social media is here to stay and dismissing it could hold grave consequences for your business.


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