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Issue 49 May/June 2016

There is no doubt that growth prospects in the franchise space are under pressure. Disappointing visitor numbers at the recent International Franchise Expo, held annually at the Sandton Convention Centre bears testimony to this despite a reasonably w... Read more


Supa Quick: World class fitment centres
Supa Quick's world class fitment centres has been servicing South African motorists' fitment needs for 30 years...

The Jobs Fund approves franchise funding
The Jobs Fund recently approved an extremely favourable grant funding initiative for BEE candidates aspiring to establish new franchised businesses in South Africa...

Neurolinguistic programming and body language
Understanding the principles behind neurolinguistic programming and body language can help improve your selling skills...

Local is lekker!
A franchise is not just a business servicing a need to a willing customer base; a successful franchise will become a part of the local community it serves...

The legalities of corporate identity
Guidelines for naming your business, product packaging and labelling...

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6 Challenges facing the franchise sector
Franchising is one of the sectors that has shown resilience and continues to grow in a tough economic environment.

7 Tax saving tips for small businesses
As SMEs reflect on the National Budget Speech, the focus should now be on implementing long term strategies to deal with challenges.

8 Characteristics of a resilient entrepreneur
Building a business is not a sprint, but a marathon with hills, headwinds, heat and dust.

Tackling the challenges in 2016
The franchising sector remains resilient even in the face of negative socio-economic and political forces.

Getting governance right
The 4-flows process to effective governance — even in small business.

Assessing the value of a marketing opportunity
Marketing is something that many entrepreneurs cite as a weakness when it comes to running their businesses.

Job hunting: the skills debate
Many employers today are searching for qualities that go beyond skills and experience and without them you could be overlooked.

What is guerrilla marketing?
Low-cost, unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results.

Snooze your way to success
The secret to a productive day is a good night’s sleep — we offer some advice on how you can achieve a restful night's sleep.

The Jimmy's Group of companies acknowledges their top performers
The Jimmy’s Group Annual Franchise Conference held during March was well-attended by local and international franchisees.


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