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July-August 2016/Issue 67

Craig Wilson
“Mo money, mo problems”, argued Mr Smalls. A more accurate, contemporary version might be “mo cards, mo problems”. The modern wallet is a nightmare of cheque, credit, loyalty and gift cards, vouchers and coupons, and receipts for things you probably ... Read more
Everything you want to know about everything you want


Cover feature: Fintech
The world of finance is changing, from digital wallets to investments in an app to crypto-currencies taking over. Here’s what you need to know in a changing South African financial landscape...

First test: Huawei P9
The flagship phone with a clever dual camera ...

First test: Apple MacBook 2016
What’s changed? Well, it’s pink for a start...

First test: Withings Go
Small and cheap, for steps and sleep...

Icon: MSI Backpack PC
Bringing untethered VR a step closer...

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Vital stats: Olympus TG-Tracker
The 4K camera that follows your adventures.

Vital stats: Impossible Project l-1
It does instant prints, and it’s not retro.

Icon: Moon
Turning your home into a planetarium, step 1.

Gigapixel: Star Wars: The Obsessive’s Cut
The Episode IV script as a 123m infographic.

Best of: Analogue watches
The latest wallet-draining timepieces.

Vital stats: Leica-MD
It’s a digital camera… and it has no screen.

Tested: Samsung SmartCam PT
Is there a dog in here?

Long-term test: Canon EOS 1300D

We spend three weeks with the budget DSLR.

First test: Toyota Prius
Strangely spacious pointy thing.

Tested: Amazon Kindle Oasis
Be upstanding for the swankiest Kindle yet.

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