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September 2016/Issue 68

Craig Wilson
The best thing about technology is that itís always getting better. Which might also be the worst thing about it. Because no sooner have you gotten to grips with your shiny new smartphone than the thinner, faster, fancier one is on the horizon. Such ... Read more
Everything you want to know about everything you want


Cover feature: The Lust List
We love getting excited about innovative, life-enhancing gadgets. So hereís our rundown of the 100 best of them Ė from phones to cars, via some juicy tomatoes and a beehive...

Automation for the people
Is life better when you let tech make all your decisions for you? We gave it a shot...

Beta yourself: Pokémon Go
Itís not just a game Ė hereís how to get more out of your daily walk...

Supertest: Laptop/tablet hybrids
Which tablet/keyboard combo is superest...

Microsoft Xbox One S
How does it stack up against the PS4K...

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Vital stats: Fujifilm X-T2
Itís Fujiís flagship camera, for 4Kís sake.

Gigapixel: Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100
An electric Roller for very high rollers.

Forbes list
Chasing unicorns in the tech world.

Tested: Fondi OnReal camera
Compact action cam - just donít swallow it.

Tested: Motorola Verve Ones+
Fully wireless buds for tangle-haters.

Tested: 3Doodle Create
What can you create from plastic sticks?

Tested: Games
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Tested: Audi R8 Plus
Fast enough to make you leave your bits behind.

Playlist: Podcasts
Funny, quirky and geeky shows to keep you cackling into your commuter coffee.

The big question
How should I edit my holiday snaps?

The hottest tech gadgets from across the globe

The best concepts, start-ups, crowd funded projects and crazy ideas

This month's mobile must-downloads

Take these tech pills and call us in the morning


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