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November 2016/Issue 70

Craig Wilson
The more connected we get the fewer cables we need. Or so it seems. Between them, Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth have us controlling lights in our homes Ė or cameras outside them Ė streaming music to speakers, collecting data from wearables, and sending ph... Read more
Everything you want to know about everything you want


First test special: Apple
iPhone 7, 7 Plus, AirPods and Watch Series 2...

The 100 best free apps
Apps for playing, reading, fragging, driving, messaging, watching, drawing, training and more Ė and they wonít cost you a cent...

Group test: Bluetooth Speakers
Where were going. we donít need wires...

First test: Fujifilm X-T2

Is the sequel even better than Fujiís original...

Instant upgrades: PlayStation 4
Get more from your pre-Slim, pre-Pro PS4...

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Gigapixel: PitPat
Yep, itís a fitness tracker for dogs. Woof!

Forbes List
Spy vs Spy Ė smartphone edition.

Vital stats: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
The swanky DSLR gets user-friendlier.

Icon: HP Pavilion Wave
A Windows PC camouflaged as a speaker.

Resident Evilís gone a bit unpleasant.

Best of Wired headphones
Reports of their demise are unfounded.

Long-term test: Samsung Gear 360
An all-round camera.

Long-term test: UA Health Box
Health in a box? How about that.

Tested: UA Gemini 2 Record Equipped
Sneakers that know how far youíve run.

Tested: Jura E8
Your caffeine fix, fixed via Bluetooth.

The hottest tech gadgets from across the globe

The best concepts, start-ups, crowd funded projects and crazy ideas

This month's mobile must-downloads

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