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Issue 142 April 2017

Daleen Totten
A dedication to Margaret Roberts – Queen of hearts and herbs... I dedicate this issue to our much-loved and respected herbal pioneer, Margaret Roberts, who passed away on Saturday 4 March at the age of 79. Her passion for plants is reflected in th... Read more
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Our Allergic Pet Epidemic
More dogs visit the vet for skin allergies than for any other health problem. In fact, some vets have gone so far as to call it an allergy epidemic...

Acne & Nutrition
While certain foods may not be directly responsible for pimple and acne outbreaks, there are those nutrients that undoubtedly help repair damaged skin...

Inflammation – friend or foe?
Processes of inflammation occur in our bodies day and night. Depending largely on what we eat, they can be helpful and healing, or the forerunners of disease...

Mindfulness meditation & addiction
Mindfulness meditation can free us from the negative emotions that hold us prisoner, thereby helping us overcome addictions...

Osteopathy – hands-on therapy for your child
‘As the twig is bent, so grows the tree’ ~ William Garner Sutherland (1873 – 1954), founder of cranial osteopathy...

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Digging deeper for human health
A greater number of health conscious consumers are spending time, money and consideration selecting food for optimum health and well-being.

Energy Psychology – hope for healing depression
I was one of those people who didn’t really think that the dark cloud that had always hung over my life and constant thoughts of suicide was depression.

Fats and Oils
Most people are aware of the importance of healthy fats and oils in the diet. The ‘fat wars’ have been waged relentlessly in print and social media.

Prepare your immune system for winter
A ‘prevention is better than cure’ way of living stresses the importance of nourishing, supporting and strengthening your body to promote vitality.

Happy Juicy Easter!
HAPPY EASTER juicy people! Easter weekend is possibly going to involve plenty of chocolate for most of you, we thought we'd share some recipes.

Disease and Health
A healthy lifestyle incorporates a philosophy of moderation or temperance in all things.

Practising Yoga off your matt
One of the most beautiful aspects of yoga is that it provides the perfect platform from which to reach out to others and give back.

Eczema sufferers – Stop the itch
Eczema is often a challenge to control, so doctors prescribe steroid skin creams or ointments.









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