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May 2017/Issue 75

Craig Wilson
Some people claim there’s no innovation left to be had in the realm of mobile telephony. But these are the same people who laughed at the Wright brothers, derided Henry Ford’s mechanical horses as a solution in search of a problem, and claimed no one... Read more
Everything you want to know about everything you want


The best phones of 2017
Direct from MWC in Barcelona, the finest phones of the year – from reborn classics to micro-bezel marvels...

First test: Tesla Model X
Save the world in style (and at 250km/h)...

Tested: Huawei Watch 2
Smartwatches have gained independence...

First test: Nintendo Switch
Does Ninty’s new one have your PS4 worried...

Choice: Kitchen gadgets
Food kit. No, we said food kit...

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Tested: Mini Countryman
We’re, like, going on a trip out to the Country, man.

Tested: Nissan Navara
Once you get in you’re Navara going to want to get out.

Tested: Snugs
As Snugs as a bug in an… ear-hole? No, this is way better than that.

Tested: BeatsX
AirPod wireless tech meats Dr Dre branding.

Tested: Bragi The Dash
That’s not a Dash. This is a dash.

Versus: Games controllers
Which pad will get the call of duty?

Tested: Games
The best Zelda yet, a metal Jurassic Park, and a world of mechanical beings and floating swords.

The big question
How can I learn a new language?

How to buy... a smartphone
All those sexy specs and features explained.

Best of Geneva Motor Show 2017
Coming to your drive soon, if you’re lucky.

The hottest tech gadgets from across the globe

The best concepts, start-ups, crowd funded projects and crazy ideas

This month's mobile must-downloads

Take these tech pills and call us in the morning


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