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An Issue Like Never Before - AT THE AFRICAN UNION Summit in Rwanda last year that I attended, there was a particular moment when President Paul Kagame drew rapturous applause from a packed ballroom of African Presidents, First Ladies, delegates and m... Read more


We, Men For Women
South Africa still has a long way to go for gender justice in business and in life, but with more men openly stepping forward to be a part of the discourse...

Toke Okeowo, 25. Kirikiri Prison Detained: five years. Future: uncertain.
Women in a Lagos prison await trial with no healthcare or hope. The criminal justice system is slow and prison reforms as non-existent as their future...

‘Not Just Pro-Women But Pro-Progress’
The significance of the 61st anniversary of Women’s Day, and the role men can play in ending gender violence in South Africa and creating an equal society...

‘Too Many suffer In Silence’
Nonhle Thema is beautiful, famous and a globe-trotter. One day, her mind just packed up...

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Coco Cachalia, whose mother Amina was among the 20,000 in the Women’s March of August 1956, made a decision to stay away from politics – and succeed in business instead.

Fight like a girl
Two kickass initiatives in South Africa to stop the cycle of violence and rape – Debi Stevens’ Action Breaks Silence and a pretty lethal fight club.

400,000 Guests At Home
The sharing economy and a platform powered by a growing community of women. At least there is gender and pay parity in this ‘workforce’.

From Doctor to Diplomat
Konji Sebati grew up in a South Africa mired in racial tension yet went on to study medicine, appreciate jazz and become a diplomat.

The Link Between Federer and food
The successful millennial on Milner Street, and her connection with food, fashion and Roger Federer...

‘It's Africa's time for animation’
One of them is producer Vanessa Sinden who left the movie business to work in a barn and make one of South Africa’s most successful films.

From Pizzas To Pizzazz
Clive Rundle, who waited tables at a pizza outlet and started as a designer in apartheid South Africa, has been selling delicious womenswear for more than three decades.

The Professor Who Saved An African Rainforest
If Patricia Chapple Wright’s life was made into a film, it would be a challenge shooting in the dense rainforests of Madagascar...

The Superstar And The Star
Venus Williams, is being acknowledged as one of the greats of all time. Her resolve to play on despite a disease that causes muscle and joint pain...


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