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October 2017/Issue 79

Craig Wilson
In techland, a year is an awfully long time. Especially if youíre Samsung. Around this time last year, the South Korean electronics giant had a disaster on its hands with the Note 7. Today, though, the Note 8 (p8) is the smartphone weíd most like to ... Read more
Everything you want to know about everything you want


Stuff Picks: Robots
Clever gadgets that play, clean and fly at our command...

The hall of game
Mario. Master Chief. Solid Snake. Lara Croft. All gaming greats, but who will feature in our list of the greatest games in history? Only a Super Smash Bros brawl can settle this...

Supertest: All-in-one desktops
Because itís time to topple your tower...

Gadget wars: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S
Go pro or get lost in the esses...

Tested: Moto Z2 Play
A moddiní delight for smartphone tinkering...

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Gigapixel: Slooh
Netflix for stargazers.

Forbes list
Iím with the mod squad.

Icon: Nvidia Shield
Apple TV? Never heard of it.

Board member
Fuzzy duck, ducky fuzz...

Tested: Mini JCW Countryman
Who says mini means small?

Tested: Ford Fiesta 2017
Itís like a party in a car. A Mexican party.

Tested: Games
A Sonic comeback, an Uncharted return and Mario meets some rabbids.

Beta Yourself: DJI drones
Elevate your view with these smart tips.

Instant upgrades: DJI Spark
Help your little drone reach new heights.

How to buy... a tablet
Pick the right slate for bedbound browsing.

The hottest tech gadgets from across the globe

The best concepts, start-ups, crowd funded projects and crazy ideas

This month's mobile must-downloads

Take these tech pills and call us in the morning


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