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November 2017

Tanya Visser
If we look at the traditional concepts of how we have gardened in the past, with veggies over here, herbs over there, a cut garden over there, and the ornamental gardening close to the house, we can see that space just wasn’t an issue back then. How ... Read more
The Gardener
For everyone who loves gardening


Living room through seasons
Be inspired by colour, recycling and edible gardening...

For sunny summer colour
Fill up your spots and pots with the latest colourful flowering gems...

Little Shop of Horrors
Delve into the fascinating world of carnivorous plants...

Smart bordering
Compact plants can be used in rich swathes of colour and texture in the foreground...

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Your rose garden
Bring bees to your rose garden.

Understanding diatomaceous earth
Do away with bugs the natural way.

Food gardening
Herbs for summer skin ailments.

Gardening with bees
In Part 3 of this series we look at the different types of bees.

Summer in a basket
Hanging baskets are a great way to make use of annual colour.

Pool time!
Get your pool ready for summer fun.

Coping with brackish water
What do you do if water quality is affecting your garden?

Working with wood
Build a shelter to keep your firewood dry and close at hand.

by the moon

new in gardening

your own veg, herbs and fruit


gardens and events


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