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Issue 58 Nov/Dec 2017

2017 Is fast becoming history and for the bulk of the franchise industry it's probably a year we would like to put behind us. Applying the barometer of how listed franchise groups have performed, it's been a particularly challenging year wi... Read more


Perfectly cleaned and pressed with Levingers
South Africa's #1 dry clean and shoe care clinic pride themselves on the quality of their workmanship...

Franchising grows in a tight economy
Since FASA commissioned the first franchise industry survey in 2013, the industry has increased its contribution to the country’s GDP from 9.7 percent to 13.3 percent...

Salary, ROI or both?
When it comes to drawing a salary, most entrepreneurs simply ‘live out of the till’. When the till has more money, they live a little better, and when it doesn’t… well, you get the picture...

Bridging the digital and economic divide with SkillsPassport
For the large portion of the South African population who are digitally invisible, the journey to digital visibility is not without its challenges...

Competition law and franchise agreements
The Competition Act contains several provisions that should be borne in mind when drafting a franchise agreement...

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Preserving your company culture
How does one keep that small business culture alive when a business is growing and more and more people are being added to the mix?

SA Copyright Law on a knife-edge
leading the Portfolio Committee for Trade & Industry to conclude that the Bill requires a lot more work.

Getting it right: Trust administration
Trusts continue to be a popular choice of entity amongst business owners for a variety of reasons, but are you running your trust right?

Get back to marketing basics in the new year
With the multitude of online platforms, tools and strategies available today, marketing a small business has become an overwhelming prospect.

Engage your audience with Experiential Marketing
What is experiential marketing and, more importantly, how can you use it to reinforce your brand presence?

What makes a successful field service consultant?
Greg Nathan discusses the habits that allow successful field managers to achieve superior performance in their profession.

Building a successful team
Employee retention is a massive problem for many companies. Avoid becoming part of the statistic by applying the right motivation and keeping your employees happy.

Financial Compliance & Accounting
Implement and manage basic accounting processes and disciplines.

Perfect Water Newcastle — an inspiring success story
20 Years ago, folks would have frowned at the idea of buying bottled water.

FICS opens their first franchise in Mpumalanga
With the opening of its Govan Mbeki franchise in Secunda, FICS is expanding its footprint.


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