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Issue 148 November 2017

Daleen Totten
Natural Medicine World – your new online health channel... Thank you to so many of you for calling in to enquire what happened to the October issue. Here at Natural Medicine® magazine, our team has been very busy relaunching our website and t... Read more
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Canine Epilepsy
Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases in dogs. Understanding what causes seizures and knowing how best to cope with them and how epilepsy can be treated in the longer term...

Massage therapy for Asthma
Asthma can cause a slouching posture. This in turn causes an inefficient breathing pattern which can even play a part in triggering further attacks: a self-perpetuating cycle...

Borderline Alcoholics
While some alcoholics are at the full-blown or chronic stage, most are in earlier phases. This article is for those still on the road, the ‘borderline alcoholics'...

Diabetes mellitus – looking for the sweetness in life
Diabetes, like high blood pressure, is often a dormant disease which can cause advanced damage before it is diagnosed. It can also cause or aggravate cardiovascular disease...

Exam Stress
Staying up late into the night and consuming copious quantities of caffeine in the form of pills, hot drinks, energy drinks and chocolate bars in order to stay alert, focused, upbeat – and awake...

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Beauty from within
Are we alone in facing the pressures of maintaining a youthful appearance? Certainly not, if one considers the sheer size of the global beauty industry.

Chiropractic for children
Why is chiropractic useful in the treatment of conditions that seem unrelated to the spine, such as middle-ear infections or colic in babies?

The toxic environment
Chlorine and fluoride are chemical poisons: We need to be aware of this fact and take steps to literally filter them out of our homes and lives.

Miracle versus Law
As every musician knows, a musical instrument has a range of notes it can play (actually vibrations of air we call ‘sound’), from lower to higher.

The Case For Marijuana As AIDS Medicine
Support for medicinal marijuana has reached an all-time high in many parts of the world, especially among medical practitioners.

Healthy Mojito
What’s in a Name? There are 2 main theories about the name 'Mojito'. One claims it comes from the word 'Mojo', which is a Cuban seasoning made from lime juice.

Consider This Carefully Before Your Next Bite Of Food...
GMOs aren’t an aspect of modern living that we have to accept because we can’t do anything about them. Armed with the facts about GMOs, we can resist their spread.

Vegan Athletes
Plant-based foods prove their mettle as well-known athletes go vegan and reach peak performance levels.









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