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October 2018

Tanya Visser
I can finally say that spring is here! Yip, this very difficult time! It is truly appreciated, summer only arrives a bit later. Right now I am loving the extra hours of sunlight in the afternoon, waking earlier to the birds, seeing the buds burs... Read more
The Gardener
For everyone who loves gardening


Trick or Treat
Perfect plants for your Halloween garden...

Living from the air
Discover the fascinating world of tillandsias...

Food gardening
Herbs for that special day. Different types of herb bouquets. Tips for roasting veggies. Ready for roasting! Five best summer veggies for roasting...

Trash table
Make this charming patio accessory from discarded bits and pieces...

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From boring to enchanting
the moment you relegate a purpose to a space, the rest falls into place.

Set spring abloom
in the right conditions Japanese flowering cherries can be utterly spectacular, twice a year.

Gardenia care
Growing the flower of love can sometimes be a challenge.

Tips to trump weeds
If you neglect to kill them off they will keep on multiplying.

Pelargonium pizazz!
Rediscover the pleasing colours of beautiful pelargoniums.

Your rose garden
Sunny side up: New roses for summer.

Nursery school: Part 4
Sow the seeds of a lifelong love for nature with these playful projects.

October in your garden
Here is a checklist to remind you what to do in the garden in October.






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