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January 2019
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Leon Rehrl
A new year is upon us and an old one behind. So what do we have lines up for you in 2019? Well in January, amongst others we have the McLaren Senna, Lamborghini Urus, Porsche GT2 RS and Mercedes-AMG G63. The team deliver their usual fast paced and ... Read more
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Full road test of the new Mercedes-AMG G63
We do a full road test of the new-spec Mercedes-AMG G63 and find it to be one of the best 4x4 SUV cars on the market for a number of very good reasons...

We take the Porsche GT2 RS to the Nurburgring to break a record
A faster Porsche, an open track, The Savage, a time-keeper and zero fear. We attempt to beat the production car lap time in honour of Jennifer...

First drive of the new Suzuki Jimny
Small, light and capable - do these three words perfectly describe the new Suzuki Jimny...

We unleash the McLaren Senna on Silverstone
Silverstone on a cold morning. What better way to spend the day than in the all-new McLaren Senna hypercar...

SA road test of the Lamborghini Urus
Lamborghini join the SUV fray with the Urus, driven finally on local roads, but is this super-SUV everything it is cracked out to be...

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Flat out in the new BAC Mono
One seat, very little body, loads of power and The Savage behind the wheel... Need we say more...

We drive the new Audi A6
Is the new 50TDI A6 still at the top of its class?

KIA's Sportage in '2' spec driven
Cheaper but not quite entry-level. We take a look at the 1.6 Sportage.

We drive the Audi Q8
A full road test of the Audi Q8 50TDI and at the end we are left asking an important question.

The amazing Bowler Bulldog is ours
The most extreme off-roader in the world is ours and we do with it what God intended.

with The Savage

- Kate invites you into her world...

- the odd views of motoring journalism veteran Oliver Smith

- all the latest toys for kids of all ages

- our readers very own prides and joys featured

with James - a new technical feature for the techno-gurus

BEAUTY... JUST DID! - Nadia brings you her 'wild child' views


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